Shannon grew up all over the South and attended the University of Kentucky as a collegiate tennis player. After graduation, she moved to Jacksonville, FL and started in the marketing/sales field as an entry level candidate. She had an opportunity to move to Dallas, TX on behalf of our client, perfected her craft, and moved into an Executive Management position. Shannon’s long-term goal is to expand the Skyline Consulting Group’s  name to 50 markets worldwide by the time she’s 35. By developing genuine relationships and coaching individuals, she is destined for success.




Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Susana came to Skyline Consulting Group with years of customer service experience. Her bubbly personality and sales skills quickly lead to her promotion as Campaign Leader. With responsibilities in sales, training, interviewing and office operations, Susana is growing swiftly throughout our Management Training Program. She has a goal in 2017 to help Skyline Consulting Group grow to an additional 3 locations and plans to do so by building lasting relationships and offering hands-on coaching.




Nicole grew up in Southern Illinois and attended Southern Illinois University as a mass communications major!  After college she took a different direction and decided to pursue a career in Human Resources, fulfilling her love for people and communications.  Nicole took an opportunity to relocate to Dallas, TX to start her career with Skyline Consulting and will be overseeing the recruitment and talent acquisition of our firm. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, reading, and traveling!




Kayla was born in Cleveland Ohio and moved to the Dallas area with her family. Starting with Shannon in Dallas, Kayla’s sales ability quickly lead to her promotion as a Campaign Leader. She now holds responsibilities in sales, training, interviewing, and several office operations and is revered for her organization and positivity. Kayla’s long-term goal is to expand Skyline Consulting Group while pursuing her Master’s Degree!





David is a top performing Campaign Leader, praised by our client for his humor and easy-going nature. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in marketing and entrepreneurship, and in his free time likes to play soccer, watch sports, and stay up to date on new music! An interesting fact about David is that he wants to own 3 different companies by the time he’s 30!





Arash Motian started with Skyline Consulting Group with a love for the entrepreneurial aspects of learning to run his own business. In his spare time, he’s an independent musician and currently working on a solo album. He wants to use the communication and marketing skills he’s learning at Skyline to open his own music label and firmly believes his two dreams (of overseeing a marketing firm and a music label) go hand in hand. He’s known in the office for his creativity and out-of-the-box thinking!





Tatiana was raised in California, but as an adult moved to Oklahoma City and then Dallas. She was instantly attracted to Skyline Consulting Group for the opportunity to grow and advance professionally based on merit and experience. A fun fact about Tatiana is that she’s the oldest of eight children, enjoys going to concerts and playing dress up with her daughter, Emma Rose. She’s regarded in the office as the humble and gracious; most grateful for the opportunity to do work she loves!





Kelsey was born in Louisiana and grew up in small town in East Texas. She attended the University of Texas at Dallas, where she was on the cheer squad and received her degree in Arts & Performance. She has a passion for photography, design, and marketing, and looks forward to growing her sales and leadership ability at Skyline! A fun fact about Kelsey is that she recently was featured at the UTD’s Art Exhibit.