Skyline Consulting Group is an evolving marketing firm, offering full-service sales, consulting, and marketing campaigns to one of the nation’s largest wireless/cellular names. We enthusiastically acquire small-medium sized business class customers for our client and are known in the Dallas/Forth Worth area for our level of professionalism and passion for our work.

Clients hire us for our unparalleled results, systematic training methods and our ability to build long-term customer loyalty. The most important thing every business needs, yet the hardest thing to acquire are new customers. At Skyline Consulting Group it is our forte. Outsourced sales is a $10 BILLION industry, projected to reach $100 billion in the next 5 years. As our client and industry grow, so do we.

What makes our company exceptional is our ability to foster each team member’s talents, in a growth-centric, competitive environment. We’ve each been described as ambitious and personable, with the education and experience to back it. With massive growth projections planned for 2017-2020, Skyline Consulting Group is primed for international growth!

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